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Microwavable Heat Pack Cozy Plush Elephant

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Microwavable Heat Pack Cozy Plush Elephant

CozyPlush® Elephant

Very cute and adorable elephant that would bring a smile to any child!

"Cozyplush®", a great new character with a thicker fabric pile.

Everyone loves the soft plush fabric.

Can be used "as is" or heated for 2mins in a microwave for extra comfort and to release it's lavender fragrance.

Perfect for snuggling up to on cold nights.

Stays warm for over two hours in a bed after just two minutes in a microwave!

Scented with real lavender to ensure a peaceful nights sleep.

Wonderful aid to recovery and comfort for children.

May also be placed in a plastic bag and chilled in a freezer for 2-3 hours to cool a fevered head or to cool on those hot days and nights.

The lavender fragrance will fade over time.

This can be refreshed by adding a couple of drops of Pure Essential Oil (such as sold by Bonvale Creations).

It is important to use only “Pure Essential Oil” as the cheaper “Fragranced Oils” will leave an oily mark on your microwavable bedwarmer.

30cm Tall approx. 800 grams weight

Fragranced with lavender flowers to aid relaxation Microwave for Two minutes Stays warm for several hours

Fantastically soft microsafe material

Can also be frozen