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Ginger Lime Natural Soap 100 grams

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Ginger Lime Natural Soap 100 grams

Ginger Lime Natural Soap

This premium handmade soap is a tangy mix of fresh ginger and invigorating lime.

The crisp lime scent uplifts moods while a luxurious lather cleans naturally leaving skin soft and silky.

This soap is a must for those with greasy skin or suffering varicose veins.

Ingredients: Sustainable Sunflower, Coconut, Soy Bean, Vegetable, Rice Bran, and Castor Oils, 

Lye, Ginger and Lime Essential Oils and Cosmetic Grade Colours. 

Our handmade soaps are made from scratch using quality, 

NATURAL INGREDIENTS that include sustainable sunflower, coconut,

vegetable, rice bran, castor and soy bean oils. 

Our soap is scented with only luxurious essential oils. 

Handmade soap does not strip your skin of its natural oils

the way commercial soaps can. 

In handcrafted homemade soap the moisturizing glycerin remains in the soaps.