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The Fragrant Mind

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The Fragrant Mind
The Fragrant Mind

Aromatherapy for personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion.

A definitive guide to using aromatherapy for

all-round well being, a must-have for all aromatherapy fans.

Three part book..

1st Part explaining aromatherapy and how aromatherapy works on the brain.

2nd Part shows how essential oils can enhance and improve moods and alleviate negative thoughts.

3rd Part explaining how certain types of essential oils can be matched to human personality types

and enabling anyone to create their own personal tailor made blends .

Author, Valerie Ann Wormwood is a highly respected aromatherapist of many years' standing

and a best seller for aromatherapy books including "The FragrantPharmacy".

Black and White Soft cover book of over 620 pages.

Approx 20.0cms x 12.7cms x 4cms thick.