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Blue Electric Oil Burner with Removable Dish

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Blue Electric Oil Burner with Removable Dish

Electric 2 Piece Oil Burner in BlueA quality, dark blue glazed, ceramic 2 piece burner.

Comes with a removable deep dish for ease of cleaning.

These units are packed in an attractive box that makes them ideal as a gift item or for home, office and students.

10cms in height Approx. 10 cms in diameter dish holding approx 125ml water.

Over 800 grams in weight when packed.

Water is needed for filling and should be added before adding a few drops of your favourite pure essential oil or oil blends.

Water warms allowing subtle, effective vaporization..... water will need topping up as in a standard tea light oil burner.

Also suitable for wax melts without the need for water.