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Electric Vaporizer, Coral in Seagrass Green

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Electric Vaporizer, Coral in Seagrass Green

New Style 2inOne Coral Electric Oil Vaporizer in Seagrass Green. Essential Oil & Wax Melt Very modern and stylish! RRP $44.00Coral Vaporizer

Simply plug into a standard Australian electric outlet (240 volt) Add 8-10 drops of your favourite Pure Essential Oil or Pure Essential Oil Blend into the recessed bowl, water is not required! Use only Pure Essential Oils or Oil Blends please. Also suitable for wax melts. 610 grams total weight with packaging, height 9cms, width 12cms. Comes from an Australian supplier, complete with instructions and is totally safe in use. Now comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all electrical parts! Can be left on continuously as it is self regulating allowing subtle, effective vaporization..... Running costs...less than 8 cents per day when left on continuously (only 6 watts) Safe to handle when in use...remains cool to the touch, safe to use in nursing homes, office and around children.