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Full set of seven Chakra stones. RRP $9.95 Our Price only $8.50
Semi-precious stones to match the seven Chakras, complete with black velvet drawstring pouch and instruction leaflet
CROWN -amethyst
THIRD EYE -sodalite
THROAT -turquentine
HEART -rose quartz
PLEXUS -yellow jasper
SACRAL -orange calcite
ROOT -black obsidian
If the Chakra are unbalanced - not properly aligned or blocked - it can affect physical and mental health.
The spiritual development is also connected with the good health of the Chakra.
The frequency of each stones energy is pulled through the chakras to realign, revitalize and replenish.

A Chakra is believed to be a centre of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses the force energy.
the word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to spinning spheres of bioenergetic activity.
It is believed that six of these wheels are stacked in a column of energy that spins from the base of the spine to the middle of the forehead, with a seventh chakra just above the head.
It is the six major chakras that correlate with the basic states of consciousness.
The seventh chakra is our connection to the spiritual world.