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Aromatherapy Massage DVD

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Aromatherapy Massage DVD

(Essential Oils Explained for Health and Pleasure)

This "aromatherapy massage" DVD is a practical and fascinating introduction to the world of essential oils.

By Margie Hare.
Wonderful DVD by Margie Hare

Margie was born in Cape Town, South Africa where she was a speech and drama teacher amongst other things before going on to
establish her own business specialising in growing and marketing herbs.

Margie now practices as a holistic healing therapist in aromatherapy and is highly qualified and distinguished in her field.

In this wonderful DVD Margie Hare introduces and expains the many remarkable benefits of essential oils.

These oils have a powerful therapeutic effect and can be used in many ways to enhance general well-being,

to soothe, heal, delight and lift the spirits.